Our Product & Services.


Octamining provides financial services and basic training in forex/commodity/shares/indices and crypto currency trading and mining. Octamining also provides the best financial portfolio management system to our associates by our financial management expert. Investment in trading platform is subject to market risk.

Service excellence

While we continue to update our trading platform and features, our prime concern is providing our clients with nothing but the best service. We offer our clients personal training, attentive account managers and always put our clients first.

Prudent risk management

Our professional teams ensure that neither our clients nor our business are left overly exposed to monetary disruption. We are well-prepared to face market turbulence without any interference to our trading services.

Balance protection

This legally binding policy guarantees that our clients’ accounts can never go into minus and they can never lose their investment 100% even in times of extreme volatility.

Real time margin protection

By using advanced technology and automatic precautions, customers at Octamining have full use of their accounts’ margin, while limits are strictly monitored to prevent negative balance.

Virtual Trade with Octamining

Octamning takes many steps to ensure its clients’ security while allowing them to access market opportunities.